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What was in the box, which El was holding at the airport? (She was wearing a long white skirt) Thank you


I believe she was holding a Beats by Dre Beatbox in black and red. Unfortunately, it’s sold out, but you could probably find one on Amazon or Ebay. :) x


Eleanor and Sophia at the Brits tonight in London - February 19, 2014 

There’s a photo of Eleanor and Sophia somewhere and if it doesn’t pop up soon I’m going to send a virus to their phones and steal it from them

[ Inspired Valentine’s Day ]

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Topshop Tee | Topshop Trousers | ASOS ShoesMulberry BagTopshop Nails 

[ Happy Valentine’s Day, Closet Raiders! ]

(I might start calling you that now.)

I just got home from school, so now I have time to post. New sets are on their way! :) x


Hey! This is just a friendly suggestion...when you make inspired posts, you should put links to where you find that item like you do with the exacts. just because I really like some of the items and I have no idea where to get them! you don't have to if you don't want to tho. x


I’ve had a couple of people ask me to do this. I guess I just never did because a) I felt that people didn’t want them, so I thought it was unnecessary and b) Pure laziness ;)

Since so many people have asked me to do this, I’ll start doing it now. It’ll take a little longer for me post—even though I take a long time to post inspired’s (see reason B). But I’ll try and do it none the less. :) x

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Hi hun! What would eleanor wear to an all time low concert?


Already posted here babe! x

[ Inspired Outfit ]

[ Inspired All Time Low Concert ]

Have fun babe! X


thoughts cartilage piercing and which ear does it look better in?


Love them! I’ve actually been thinking of getting one, but my mother would kill me. Ermm I think they look best on the left ear, but all in all, I don’t think it really matters. I just don’t really like it when girls get them on both of their ears in the exact same spot, it seems a bit tacky to me. X

[ Inspired Outfit ]

[ Similar Scarf ]

Topshop is selling

 that is quite similar and inexpensive when compared to the Stella McCartney one she wore on her ski trip recently.

[ Skiing with Louis and Friends ]


Stella McCartney Scarf | Ray-Ban Sunnies | (Similar) Oliver Bonas Hat | (Exact?) North Face Coat | North Face Trousers

Yay! So so happy we have new photos! We’ve been waiting so patiently, and they’re with Louis no less. Anyway, I don’t think she was actually wearing a hat this day, I think it was a headband, but the photos are a bit bad, so it’s hard to tell.

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I’m not too sure that I want to keep my theme, do you lovely people think I should keep it or change it? Also, feel free to message me if you have some theme/navi ideas. Thanks!

[ Similar Blouse ]

Urban Outfitters is selling a somewhat similar top to Eleanor’s one that you can purchase here.

It’s not the same fabric (the UO one is cotton, the Topshop one is silky), but besides that, it’s very similar.